BYMBE: Supporting young mother in going back to education

12 Feb 2018News

How to support young mothers for going back to school or in employment?

How to raise awareness about the problem of early school leaving of young mothers?

The kick-off meeting of project BYMBE – Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education took place in Palermo (Italy) from 22 to 23 November.

The project aims to produce training tools in support of the work of social workersteachers and trainers for the purpose of sustaining young mothers between 15 and 25 years old in re-entering education or training and the labour world.

During the meeting, the partners’ complementary mix of skills and experience – important for the implementation of the project, emerged and activities to be carried out in the two years project period have been analysed, such as:

  • Development of a Handbook for Outreach Awareness and Motivation Strategies;
  • Creation of a set of Intervention Methods to involve Young Mothers;
  • Delivery of training addressed to Social workers/Teachers Trainers working with the young mothers;
  • Elaboration of a BYMBE Orientation Pack;
  • Design of a BYMBE Empowerment Pack;
  • Design of a BYMBE Support Pack.

The young mothers involved in project activities will enter a path of personal and professional growth, benefiting from training, guidance and counselling workshops with social workers and trainers.

In addition, an awareness raising campaign aimed at discouraging early school leaving and encouraging return to education and training of young mothers will be carried out.

BYMBE is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.