The project foresees:

  • A Train-the-trainer international event. The aim of this training is to support and improve the competencies of social workers and trainers to apply the suitable approach to young mothers by focusing on their needs. Techniques will focus on getting access to these targets, motivational strategies and cooperation with peers and families of young mothers, as they are contributors to their success or withdrawals.
  • Training events in all partner countries in order to train other social workers, teachers and trainers to the developed intervention methods and improve their skills dealing with the target group. Each partner will train 20 trainers or social workers nationally to multiply the effect outside their own organisations.
  • Pilot sessions with a group of young mothers for each involved country that are expected to re-enter education. A successful support package for young mothers developed by the partnership will be implemented in order to involve the young mothers, empower them and keep them motivated in order to avoid drop-outs. The support package will be composed of professional counseling, coaching and provision of supplement services in order to empower the young girls to make their own professional way and reduce their risk on welfare dependency.