Within the project, the following six outputs have been developed:


Report on National Education and Support Services for Young mothers

National information on education systems and support services which are of special interest for educational integration of young mothers.

Handbook for Outreach Awareness & Motivation Strategies

A methodology about how to elaborate and implement a motivational campaign addressed to young mothers and their influencers (social workers, teachers, trainers, families, friends) to prevent school dropping-out and to promote return to education. 


Set of Intervention Methods to Involve Young NEET Mothers

Innovative strategies and intervention methods for motivating young mothers to re-enter education, including guidelines for working with parents and peers and emergency management.

BYMBE - Orientation Pack

An innovative approach professional based on professional and personal guidance and counselling to help young NEET mothers to find their own way to education and profession.

BYMBE - Empowerment Pack

Training contents aimed to help young mothers to understand and manage their feelings and behaviors and interact successfully with people around them as well as within social context in order to ease their re-entering in education and improve their chances to be able to keep on the professional training till the end.

BYMBE - Support Pack

Approaches to support young mothers for the time they will have entered education in order to overcome crisis, doubts or other problems related to reentering education.