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BYMBE: Supporting the empowerment of young NEET mothers

 What tools can motivate young NEET mothers to re-enter education and training? How can they be involved and given adequate support in times of discouragement or crisis? To answer this question, the partners of the BYMBE – Bringing Young Mothers Back to...

BYMBE: New skills to motivate young NEET mothers to re-enter education

 How can social workers motivate young NEET mothers - not (engaged) in education, employment or training – to re-enter education and training? The third meeting of project BYMBE – Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 3rd to 4th...

BYMBE: National Education and Support Services for young mothers

 Which are the difficulties young mothers face in continuing or re-entering education? And how is it possible for social workers to build an effective relationship and support them in going back to education? The second partnership meeting and the International...

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