Bimec was established in 2007 with the goal of improving the competencies of adult people in order for them to remain competitive in the fast-changing world of today to support the development of organizations and to contribute to a more sustainable and competitive European economy.

BIMEC is a member of the Bulgarian Human Resources Management and Development Association and as such has access to a wide network for promoting the idea of entrepreneurship training as a driver for economic growth and employment. BIMEC is also a member and co-founder of the Adult Training Institute, which incorporates the efforts of a network of training institutions, adult trainers and VET trainers to raise the quality and adequacy of adult and VET training.

Contact person: Valia Dankova –

CESIE is a European Centre for Studies and Initiatives based in Palermo, Sicily. It is a non-profit, apolitical, and secular non­ governmental organisation with member organizations in more than eight European countries.

Contact person: Alessia Valenti –

Exchange House Ireland
Exchange House Ireland is the largest front-line service provider for the Traveller community in Ireland.

The Traveller community are an Irish ethnic minority group. Our services include:

  • Family Support and Crisis Intervention Service
  • Education and Training Service
  • Children and Young People’s Service
  • National Traveller Mental Health Service
  • European Projects
  • Research, Policy and Training

Contact person: Lorraine O’Connor –

Frauen im Brennpunkt (FIB)
“Frauen im Brennpunkt” is an independent non-profit organisation in Tyrol offering:

  • Employment related Work with women and girls
  • Events & awareness raising for female gender issues
  • Childcare in nurseries and with day nannies.

Their staff in the counselling departments have psychological, social and political expertise and can provide experience in the areas of gender sensitivity and labour market politics. They also possess years of experience in the management of national and EU projects, in the implementation of projects as part of Erasmus+ and Daphne and with quality monitoring of EU projects.

Contact Person: Sonja Karbon –

Social Innovation Fund (SIF)
Social Innovation Fund (SIF) is a non-governmental organisation, established in 1994 to assist people with fewer opportunities and disadvantaged backgrounds to make positive changes in their life through the provision of educational opportunities, social support, information and advice.

Since its establishment the Social Innovation Fund works with different socially disadvantaged groups – unemployed, disabled, single parents, people in remote areas, migrants, women survivors of domestic violence. SIF also provides help and assistance to the young people having fewer opportunities in the society and the labour market, with a special focus on young women aiming to foster their employability and entrepreneurship through guiding, coaching and mentoring services as well the trainings contributing to their empowerment and building their capacities to be competent and successful in the labour market.

Contact person: Audrone Kisieliene –

Magenta Consultoría Projects S.L.U
Magenta Consultancy is a gender and socio-cultural mediation consultancy set in 2007 and located in Gijón, the main administrative town in the Principality of Asturias (Spain).

Magenta Consultancy is specialized on several fields related to social, education and health areas. The main areas in which Magenta develops its work for more than 11 years are the following:

  • Gender equality and violence prevention.
  • Socio-labour integration.
  • Psychological and physical health: cognitive stimulation, emotional intelligence programmes, social abilities projects, biodance and salutogenesis, coaching processes.
  • Access to the labour market and entrepreneurship promotion.
  • Literacy, empowerment and key competences.
  • Youth: social integration, labour orientation, entrepreneurship promotion, quality leisure, healthy habits and drug prevention, active citizenship, emotional intelligence and social abilities, conflict resolution, etc.

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