Join BYMBE, the campaign to raise awareness about difficulties and possibilities of young mothers to re-enter education

4 May 2018News

Join BYMBE, the campaign to raise awareness about difficulties and possibilities of young mothers to re-enter education, works to ensure that all young mothers — no matter who they are, where they live —know they have always the possibility to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to renter education and pursue the future they want. The partner organisations of the project BYMBE will do this by increasing information, access, and opportunity.

Despite mothers being timeless teachers in the classroom of life, the Report on National Education and Support Services for young mothers (in Project partner countries) shows there is a lack of support programmes for mothers dropped out of educational system. Beside, the inabilities to reconcile the time-tables of childcare, work and studying make re-entering education particularly difficult.

The Campaign aims toward four goals:

  1. Raise awareness in young mothers about the importance of education as a tool to secure their and their children’s future
  2. Attract young mothers into partner organizations and enter the BYMBE project.
  3. Mobilize professionals working with young mothers to explore the resources and network of BYMBE project.
  4. Raise awareness in general public and stakeholders about the difficulties and barriers young mothers face when choosing to re-enter education.

The partnership approach focuses on four key actions we believe are strategical in supporting young mothers:

  1. Providing accurate information—backed by research—on education and childcare opportunities so young mothers can make informed decisions.
  2. Supporting young mothers in shaping their future and to protect the opportunities they create for themselves and their children.
  3. Ensuring that relevant stakeholders in partner countries as well as general public are aware of the practical difficulties, barriers and judgment young mothers face which threaten their right to education.
  4. Empowering social workers, teachers, educators, trainers and any other professional to support young mothers and have a positive impact on their ability to pursue their choices.

How can you support us and join our campaign efforts?


Give us a call, write us and ask how to join our support program, follow us on Facebook.


Look at our Campaign materials and share them! Engage your school or organization in a conversation about education opportunities for young mothers. Help us reaching our community and decision makers. Use the hashtag #bymbe to share your stories and ideas!


Do you believe every young mother should have the possibility to re-enter education? Are you a young mother willing to shout out the opportunities education has opened in your life? Write us and meet our staff to tell your story, give us a call or join our support program.