BYMBE: New skills to motivate young NEET mothers to re-enter education

19 Jul 2018News

How can social workers motivate young NEET mothers – not (engaged) in education, employment or training – to re-enter education and training?

The third meeting of project BYMBE – Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 3rd to 4th July.

During the meeting in Sofia, partners discussed the preliminary results of the BYMBE raising awareness and motivational campaign implemented in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Austria, partner countries of the project. At the end of the campaign the Handbook for Outreach Awareness & Motivation Strategies will be available on . It will provide guidelines on how to create a raise-awareness and motivational campaign and how to stimulate interest and engagement.

Finalisation phases have started for the resources addressed to social workers, trainers, teachers and other professionals working with young mothers: