BYMBE chosen by the European Commission as case study of inclusion in education

1 Aug 2022News

Between May and November 2021, the European Commission conducted a study on Erasmus+ projects (2014-2020 period) focused on promoting educational inclusion. The aim was to identify and show successful approaches and to support the development of European policies in this field through specific recommendations drawn from the real experience of practitioners in the field.

Among the thousands of Erasmus+ projects falling under the key actions KA1 (Learning Mobility of Individuals) and KA2 (Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices) and related to the target sectors school, university, vocational education and training, adult education, youth, the European Commission selected 120 good practices from which it chose 15 projects to be examined as case studies for their relevance. These case studies represent learning approaches and methodologies useful for developing and supporting European policies for social inclusion.

The final report of the research “Data collection and analysis of Erasmus+ projects – Focus on inclusion in education” includes project BYMBE, included among the 15 case studies for its focus on:

Learning environments;

Teacher agency in tackling educational disadvantage

Partnership and collaboration in and around schools.